Speaking at the Library today

Today, I am speaking at the Calgary Public Library on Editing 101. I’m told that the session is full–should be a lot of fun.

Also, Finished editing my novel, based on comments from my critique group. Into the final pass before re-submitting.

Screenplay submission almost complete

I am really looking forward to When Words Collide’s upcoming 2-day writers’ workshop with Michael Cassutt. For July 15, I need to have Act I (12-18 pages) of my screenplay done, as well as a synopsis of the rest of the episode. I have been developing an idea for several months, as well as reading up on screenplays (Robert McKee’s brilliant book, Story) and downloading screenwriting software, but it wasn’t coming together to my satisfaction until last Friday when it all came together. After that, it was just a question of writing it. Got the pages and most of the summary done last night. I think it is pretty good. Will need to leave it for a few days and revise–and hopefully make it excellent!

Adrienne Kerr workshop was awesome!

What an opportunity twelve of us had, to have our cover letter, synopsis and five pages of novel critiqued by Adrienne Kerr, acquisitions editor for Penguin Canada. First, just reading everyone else’s submissions was an education in itself (they were all very different), and I learned tons just from putting myself in an editor’s shoes and thinking about why I would or would not ask an author to send me more material. Then there were the critiques themselves, listening to everyone explain their thinking on pieces I had already made my mind up about–very eye-opening. Next, there were the critiques I got on my own writing–thanks, everyone! And finally, there were Adrienne’s observations, from the position of someone who does this work professionally every day. An unforgettable experience.

Rio Hondo

Okay, so imagine the BEST con ever–you’re on the panel AND in the audience–the topics are all over the map; the speakers are incredibly knowledgeable, respected authors; the comments are completely honest; you NEVER get put on the spot (Susan, what do you think of that last point?) BUT, they listen when you have a relevant argument to take the topic further. OMG I am learning so much–and this is just DINNER on the night we arrived for the workshop–

Getting Ready for Albuquerque

A bit nerve-wracking to gear up for Walter Jon Williams’ retreat in New Mexico–but what an opportunity! To get crits from people like Paolo Baccigalupi, Daniel Abraham, Carrie Vaughn and Diana Rowland! Let alone, everyone else–Nebula and Hugo nominees/winners, people who have published in–or edit for–all the major magazines, Locus book reviewers–

But even scarier is I will be critting them!