Write Off the Weekend

So this weekend is IFWA’s Write-Off. Went Friday night and most of yesterday and got tons done on my novel, and am going again today. Nothing like concentrated time to really get your teeth into the novel edits.

The Write-Off!

Just finished day 1 of my writer’s group’s semi-annual writing retreat: the Write-Off! Spring is our long weekend (4-day) retreat, and I got about a chapter revised in my novel. Three more days to go!

Rainforest retreat

Retreat at the Rainforest is, as always, awesome. Took the critiques from my beta readers, organized the comments and rephrased them into positive scenes, determined where in the novel they go, and copied the notes above each appropriate chapter. Have re-written the prologue, mined old chapters out of previous versions and inserted them, interwoven two stories and edited chapter one. Nothing like a few days with nothing to focus on but the novel.

Digging out from being away

It is great to get so much done at a retreat, but boy, when you come back, there is so much to do–haven’t got too much writing done in the whole last week! Did do some work on chapter 15, but thought I’d have it done by now. However, I have helped to arrange readings for the Imaginative Fiction Writers’ Association at a local book store on Thursday, did some volunteer work for the When Words Collide readers’ and writers’ festival this summer, and got back to my exercise routine–and worked on a murder mystery play. So, lots done–just not much on the novel. Sigh.