3000 words this weekend

That doesn’t count the revision I did on the first 10,000 words, so not bad, I think. Here are some of them:

She cocked her head. Another sound. Deeper. Not trickling, more like . . .
“Finally, you see the light!” Jerry’s voice came from the other side of her now. He had completed most of the circuit of the room.
“Do you hear that?” The sound came again, low, almost a vibration.
He stilled, his candlelight lapping hers, the murmur of the water, quiet. The faint sounds of the workers in the other room filtered through the door.
More like a moan.
A chink of concrete crumbled from the ceiling and plopped into the water.
She held up her candle. A long, branched crack crinkled the ceiling. Had that been there before?
The moan came again, and a second chunk fell.
“Lian!” Jerry splashed across the room.

GG Nominee Shenaaz Nanji

Did I mention that my good friend and writing-group member, Shenaaz Nanji was nominated for the Governor-General’s Award for her children’s novel? Her book, Child of Dandelions was wonderful. Not only was it well written and a gripping story, but I learned a lot about a period in history that I lived through but was pretty unaware of, as the events happened half way around the world. Very cool. Shenaaz was interviewed multiple times over the past couple of weeks and flown to Toronto for a few days as well. Hot stuff! She, along with the rest of my Kensington Writers’ Group, is coming over for a Christmas party on Monday, so I’m hoping we will hear more of her stories then.

Very cool!


World Fantasy and Counting

Less than a month, now, until World Fantasy — right here in my own town of Calgary! I have the great good fortune to be the host for David Morrell. One of the cool things I am focussing on this month is selecting and reading some of his fiction, as well as researching his biography. In just perusing his website, I noticed that he was an early fan of “Route 66.” I remember that show too, as one I enjoyed well.

Denvention, Day 3

Would have posted earlier, but I only just today got Internet.

I’m very much enjoying Denvention. Sessions have been interesting and informative with lots of big name authors, agents and editors providing advice. One thing about advice is that once you hear it, it often makes so much sense you think, “Why didn’t I realize that before? It’s so simple!” John Scalzi, Michael Kabongo (agent) and Mary Robinette Kowal (Nebula nominee) gave a really funny panel on schmoozing that included, “What is a great elevator pitch?” Mary’s pitch for one of her current novels is “Jane Austin — with magic!” Just having a couple of examples like that is really helpful. So instead of the one I thought of earlier for my novel (“an adventure fantasy in which a journeyman thief is politically manipulated into. . . “) I’m thinking of, “adventure fantasy with thieves and con men.” Maybe I can still work on it (my daughter, Heather — a wonderful writer in her own right — could probably make it better), but at least it’s shorter and hopefully gets to the cool part sooner. Let’s hope I get a chance to try it out.

As for shmoozing, I’ve done a little. I had dinner last night with Edge Press publisher Brian Hades, and up-and-coming authors Ed Willett and Adrian (KA) Bedford. The day before, our table included L.E. Modesitt. Yesterday, I was on hand when friend, writer and OnSpec editor, Barb Galler-Smith learned that her first book has been picked up by Edge Press and will likely see its launch at Anticipation World Con in Montreal next summer. Very exciting news!! I also touched base with Analog editor Stanley Schmidt (who suggested I sit on a few panels — which I will be doing tomorrow), good friend Rob Sawyer, and generous mentor, Mike Resnick. Today, I signed copies of Tesseracts Ten and Tesseracts Eleven with Randy McCharles, a wonderful SF humorist whose stories appear in Tess Eleven and upcoming in Tesseracts Twelve. Afterwards, I volunteered at the SFWA table.

Tomorrow I sit on a panel on “Writing in Spite of Your Environment,” followed, of course, by the Hugo Awards (keeping fingers crossed for Rob’s book, Rollback). Looking forward to it!


I have a sweet little horror story called, “Director’s Cut.” I thought Brutarian might be the market for this one, so I sent it off last week. Wish me luck!