Revisions going well

I was wondering how to incorporate the back story into my novel, and this morning at 5:00 AM I woke up with the idea in my head and came downstairs and wrote it down. I’m not doing it in exactly the way I first thought of it, but I have a variation I think will work. Feels good! Also, this week I got asked to teach 3 more courses at the Alexandra Centre. One is new to me, but the other two I’ve done before. Looking forward to them!

Last Novel Class

It was such a delight to teach the year-long novel writing course at the Alexandra Centre this year. Last night was our last class and I’m really going to miss the bi-weekly get-togethers with my students. I won’t miss the students, though, because I am sure I will see them at various writing events in the future. All of them seemed very excited about continuing to write and be part of the writing community.

Finished Chapter 22!

Things are on a real roll–diving into the ending, and the words are just flowing thick and fast. Yes, there are backfill details I am generating that I will have to go back and fill in, but I’ll do that later (keeping notes so I don’t miss them). Right now, it is fabulous, that final rush toward the end!

Oh, and I did meet with the teachers at William Reid School again today, and I start teaching the grade twos in May!

Can I share a brag? The principal was so happy about–not only the students’ work–but about the teachers’ sharing of things they had learned about how to teach story writing! And I got to see the books the grade 3 and 4 students had produced, and they were really awesome. Such a thrill!

Love working with students!

I had a super time working with four classes of grade 3/4 students this week. The first two days I was able to have extended sessions with each class to go into depth on story planning, using the try/fail cycle, and the third day I was able to help the students deepen and add detail their own story plans–along with trouble-shooting story ideas that missed the mark or didn’t have enough conflict. The kids worked hard and created really detailed plans and seemed to enjoy the process. The best part, for me, though, was when one of the teachers told me that after I left her class, the kids dove into their planning and “you could hear a pin drop.” One of her students who sometimes has difficulty staying on task asked at a later point to go back an add more ideas to his!